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Lia Lily Willebrand, MS, LAc, CMT, is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Clinical Herbalist with her Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is a graduate of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, the University of Texas, Austin and the Acupressure Institute of Berkeley.  Her practice of Chinese Medicine is informed by ten years of study and experience in the world of integrative medicine.

Lia is committed to holistic medicine, always caring for the individual as a whole rather than as detached and separate parts.  Through this path, she treats the root of a problem in addition to the apparent symptom, focusing on harmony between mind, body and spirit and the importance of prevention.  Teaching and encouraging healthy living as it relates to health care is Lia’s determined work.  This includes simple, accessible tools directed toward things people do every day: eating, sleeping, breathing, and moving. Supporting a patient’s path to healthier living encourages their body to return to wellness.  As we learn to feel and recognize symptoms, we are able to use this information to correct disease and promote healing.

Lia’s scope of practice includes both traditional Chinese and Japanese-style of acupuncture, Chinese herbal remedies, cupping, moxa, Tui Na and acupressure.  The focus of her practice includes women's health, immune support and pain management. She is a gentle and warm healthcare practitioner who utilizes her training, knowledge and intuition to provide a relaxing and personal visit with beneficial results.

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In 2006 Lia began to work side by side with Marti Lee Kennedy, a pioneer practitioner in the field of fertility and pregnancy and Chinese medicine.  She sees patients regularly at Dr. Kennedy’s Clinic the Ashby Center of Complementary Medicine and substitutes for Dr. Kennedy in her absence.